Hall of Honor

The Honors Hall Award began in 1968. This award was created to honor those individuals who have participated in civic activities over many years. These individuals must be at least 50 years old. Whether they have received the Chair of the Board Award or the Besserung Award, or are eligible for the other two awards, has no bearing on the selection. The Hall of Honor Award category offers a more lasting significance as it provides recognition for voluntary efforts benefiting the community through a permanent exhibit of the recipient’s photograph in Honors Hall.

A maximum of three recipients may be named in a calendar year. The recipients are named at the December Board meeting and presented a framed certificate at the Annual Chamber Banquet in January. The award is bestowed by the Awards Committee, which consists of six members serving six-year terms with a new member being appointed each year by the Chair of the Board. The member with the longest service on the committee is automatically the Chair.

2023 awardees


Barron Casteel


Eric Couch


Luke Speckman

Past recipients

2022 Cecil Eager Anna Lee Hicks Ray Still
2021 Jay Brewer Benno Engel Natalie Rougeux
2020 Atanacio Campos Jim Streety T. L. Walker
2019 *Bennie Bock Robin Jeffers Charles Stephens
2018 Arlon Hermes Betty Kyle Anne Miller
2017 Joe Castilleja Mark Hampton Bob Smith
2016 Carlos Campos Larry Hammonds Sandy Kibby
2015 Susan Granzin Tobin Hoffmann Carol Johnson
2014 Chris Douglas Rita Kaufmann Powell Wes Studdard
2013 Teresa Johnson Joe Kuehler Toya Ohlrich
2012 Ann Kuehler *Marty Lindley Kathy Meurin
2011 Rusty Brockman *Bonnie Tetrault Barry Williams
2010 Bruce Boyer *Bill Kotylo Ron Reaves
2009 Jan Kotylo *Bud Dahlman Michael Meek
2008 Linda Dietert *Jan Kennady Mary Jane Nalley
2007 Marian Benson *Larry Kunkel *Dick Robinett
2006 Paula DiFonzo Doug Miller Ray Martinez
2005 Sue Hahn Maynard Ivy John Lovett
2004 J. Lynn Davis Mike Dietert *Ann Rogers
2003 Isabell “Kookie” Barboza *Bob Henry Bill Morton
2002 Carl Feltner *Bob Rayfield Ray Schoch
2001 Jackie Heitkamp Helgard Suhr-Hollis Fred Willard
2000 John Dierksen *Moe Schwab *Chere Strateman
1999 *Linden Anderson Dennis Heitkamp *Mary Ann Hollmig
1998 Carter Casteel David Lamon O.A. “Skip” Stratemann
1997 *Ramon Chapa, Sr. *E.C. “Gene” Mornhinweg Robert Orr
1996 *Wib Amacher *Nancy David *Bob Sohn
1995 Jean Pfeuffer Betty Richter *Tommy Zipp
1994 *Margaret Fields *Iris Schumann *Timmermann Sisters
1993 *Charles E. Berger *Hortensia Hernandez *Raymond Metzke
1992 *Nan Dillen John Doster *Merritt Schumann
1991 * Lucille Garcia *Doris Salge *Flo Yoehle
1990 *Johnny Bueche *Kenneth Fiedler *Bobbie Purdum
1989 Helen Hoffmann *Joe Rogers *Baron Schlameus
1988 *Frances Bridges Roxolin Krueger *Helmuth Salge
1987 Arno Becker *J. C. Reagan M. J. Sacco
1986 Janelle Berger *Rochette Reinarz
1985 *Oliver Haas Carroll Hoffmann *Tom Purdum
1984 *Ruth Harper *Pat Hernandez *Doyle Krueger
1983 *Jesse Garcia *Jarvis Hillje *Margaret Naegelin
1982 *S. D. David, Jr. *O. A. Stratemann, Sr. *Ben Wolle
1981 Herb Skoog Roger L. Reininger *Gretchen Uhr
1980 *Ray Allen *Tinsley Ellis *Margaret Nowotny
1979 *Arthur Darling *Franziska Liebscher *Beverly Ohlrich
1978 *Dailey Bishop *Wilton Warnecke, Sr. *Stanley M. Woodward
1977 *Milton Kaderli *Beatrice Knox *Max Schmidt
1976 *S. T. Burrus *Delbert George *Herbert R. Schneider
1975 *Ed Grist Jack Ohlrich *Bob Uhr
1974 *Ruth Cole *Joseph Faust *H. A. Triesch
1973 *Frank DePasqual *Irene Nuhn *Fred Oheim
1972 *Bill Dillen *George Nowotny *Curt Schmidt
1971 *Walter Becker *Herman Blank
1970 *Marcus Adams *Oscar Haas
1969 *R. A. Bartram *Julius F. Schwandt
1968 *B. W. Bock *Leslie Ehlers *Paul Jahn
1968 *Elliot Knox *Arlon Krueger *Alfred Liebscher
1968 *H. C. McKenna *E. P. Nowotny *A. D. "Pete" Nuhn
1968 *Leon Parker *Harvey Richards *John Ruppel

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