Our priorities

2024 Theme: Honor. Live. Build

Chair of the Board: Barron Casteel

Priority 1


As the caretaker of honoring community leaders, begin the process of digitizing Honors Hall to preserve their accomplishments.

Priority 2


Launch NBgivs, a new program to recognize businesses who give back to our community.

Priority 3


Establish momentum for TSTC campus and complete a plan for improving the supply of early childhood education.

Objectives & Key Results

Inspire community collaboration & partnership

Complete the 2nd annual Intercity Visit
Launch NBgives, a program honoring business philanthropy
Rebrand the Chamber, its related organizations, and programs

Advance effective public policy

Develop and adopt a policy agenda for 89th Legislative Session
Develop and adopt an update to the regional transportation priorities
Regularly engage members in local advocacy

Implement Confluence strategic plan

Identify the real estate and funding for a TSTC campus
Complete an early childhood education strategy
Complete an end-to-end strategy for startups

Generate economic development through tourism

Increase visitation and overnight stays year-over-year
Complete a strategic plan with the City, businesses, and other partners
Increase mid-week and business travel through group sales

Grow revenue

5% annual growth in membership dues gross revenue
10% annual growth of programs and events net revenue
Renew CVB contract

Operate a world class Chamber

Complete future office plan
Implement recommendations of CFObydesign assessment
Complete a staff compensation study and management plan
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