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Nb river
Our flagship annual publication

Economic Benchmark study

Our most comprehensive annual publication exploring key economic indicators.

New Braunfels
A year in review

Annual Report

See how we are tracking the progress of Confluence, our five-year economic development shared strategic plan.

Generic workers
Get insights about our labor force

Workforce data

New Braunfels' strength is in its workforce. Explore our #MadeInNewBraunfels economy with our workforce data dashboard.

Town creek office
Get commercial market insights

Real Estate Market report

Learn about the commercial real estate trends in our market in our quarterly Real Estate Market report.

Mission hill park
The City's strategic plan

State of the City report

Learn about the City of New Braunfels' strategic plan, budget, capital expenditures, bond projects, and more.

Square 1
A community of learners

Educational Attainment data

Learn more about our highly educated population in our educational attainment data dashboard.

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