Membership levels

Chamber membership levels

Membership Benefits* Community Partners $5,250 Community Builders $2,625 Business Builders $840 Business Connectors $420
Core Benefits X X X X
Multiple location listings with same
business name Up to 5 Up to 4 Up to 3 1
Representative listings 15 10 4 2
Membership category listing 1 1 1 1
Enhanced social media post for ribbon
 cutting X X X
Enhanced website listing with image X X X
Featured as premier investor on website Level 2 Level 3
Use of Honors Hall (upon availability) Full-day Half-day
Economic Development Foundation membership Bronze EDF General EDF
Mailing list or labels of membership X
Total membership value $13,700+ $5,270+ $2,280+ $745+

Additional Chamber memberships

*Explanation of benefits listed below

Multiple location listings with same business name - for businesses with more than one location who want to be listed in the business directory under one business name.

Representative listings - the number of employees you may list as official Chamber representatives. Representatives may attend membership mixers and serve on committees. 

Membership category listing - members will be listed in one category of their choosing in the Chamber's online business directory.

Enhanced ribbon cutting - the Chamber will produce a social media post that includes more than just a single photo from your ribbon cutting - where we add additional photos, information, or even a video, your ribbon cutting posts will stand out on multiple Chamber platforms.

Enhanced website listing - an enhanced listing will pull your business listing out of alphabetical order in the business directory and place you above your competitors. The enhanced listing will also included a highlighted box around your business listing and an image within the listing.

Featured as a premier investor on the website - your business ad will be placed tragically on a high traffic web page. 

Honors Hall use - usage of the Chamber's meeting space.

Economic Development Foundation member -  membership into the New Braunfels Economic Development Foundation.

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