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New Braunfels Economic Development Foundation hosts expert Water Panel

Community leaders gathered for a discussion on water-related issues at the April 30th GNBEDF Quarterly Luncheon.

Published Monday, May 6, 2024 9:16am


The New Braunfels Economic Development Foundation (EDF) hosted a panel discussion at its quarterly stakeholder event titled, “Flowing Forward: Planning for the Future of Water in New Braunfels.”


The panel, moderated by Sarah Richards, Director of Customer Solutions at New Braunfels Utilities (NBU), brought together experts, stakeholders, and community members to discuss the current water supply and future planning strategies in the region. Participants in the panel included: Ryan Kelso, CEO of NBU, Darrell Nichols, General Manager/CEO of Guadalupe Blanco River Authority, and Roland Ruiz, General Manager of Edwards Aquifer Authority.

"Our community's future is closely tied to our water resources," said Jonathan Packer, CEO of the New Braunfels Chamber. "This panel provided valuable insights into how NBU, Edwards Aquifer Authority, and GBRA are working together to ensure a reliable and sustainable water supply for generations to come."


Key takeaways from the discussion included:

Current Water Supply Status: NBU has a diverse portfolio of water sources which will sustain our community for the next 40 years and beyond.

Planning for the Future: Experts discussed strategies for long-term water planning, including investing in infrastructure, promoting water conservation, exploring alternative water sources, and participating in regional water supply projects.

Community Engagement: The panel emphasized the importance of involving the community in water planning efforts and encouraging residents to value conservation and a One Water approach. 


The program concluded with Q&A, allowing attendees to ask questions and engage with the panelists. Participants praised the discussion as informative and essential for the future well-being of the New Braunfels community.


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