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Guiding Guadalupe County

Published Wednesday, June 13, 2018 11:00am

Guadalupe County is seeking input from residents to help develop their first-ever strategic plan. A public survey is being conducted online to gather information and insight from citizens on important topics affecting Gudalupe County including traffic, economic development, county services and needs, demographic and economic projections, growth and more.

Guadalupe County is home to approximately 20 percent of New Braunfels residents. We encourage those residents to take the survey and have a say in the development of the strategic plan and the future of your county.

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The strategic plan will serve as a roadmap for County officials and leaders, directing efforts and resources towards projects and initiatives which align with the community’s goals and vision for the future.

Guadalupe County continues to rank as one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Due to its high quality of life and strategic location within Central Texas, Guadalupe County can expect this population growth to continue and this may present the community with a variety of opportunities and challenges. The responsibilities of county government, while limited in scope, continue to be wide-ranging and essential to maintaining public health, safety, and general welfare. Guadalupe County will play a key role in addressing increased service demands and development needs throughout the County.

Guiding Guadalupe County is the name of the County’s strategic plan and associated efforts. Over the next few months, the project’s consultant team, comprised of city planners, economic development specialists, and policy experts, will be meeting with county residents, county department heads, and other stakeholders to gather input for the plan. The consultant team will also be conducting its own demographic and economic research and analysis to help project future county needs.

The plan will include Demographic and Economic Projections, Regional Transportation and Economic Assessment, an Overview of County Services and Needs, and Community Input and Priorities.

Completion of the plan is set for early August. For more information regarding Guiding Guadalupe County, visit