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Gary Seals receives Chair of the Board Award for youth development

Published Friday, June 21, 2024 10:52am

It is an honor to announce that Gary Seals has been selected to receive a Chair of the Board Award in the area of Youth Development. No more than six such awards are bestowed each year, and his exemplary work, particularly his role in founding the New Braunfels Youth Collaborative, makes him an ideal honoree for this accolade.

Gary Seals' journey in New Braunfels began in 2003, following the opening of his first Ashley Furniture Homestore. Relocating his headquarters and warehouse to New Braunfels, Gary quickly integrated himself into the community. His deep love for New Braunfels was evident as he and his family settled into the area. During his time here, Gary demonstrated remarkable business acumen and leadership, expanding his operations to 35 locations across four states and employing over 1,200 associates.

In addition to his business success, Gary has shown an unwavering commitment to philanthropy. He founded "Furnishing Dreams," an initiative dedicated to delivering beds to children without one of their own. This program has made a significant difference in the lives of countless children, providing them with a basic necessity for their well-being.

After selling his business in 2019, Gary focused his efforts on investments in downtown New Braunfels and continued his philanthropic endeavors. His most notable contribution during this period was partnering to establish the New Braunfels Youth Collaborative. This organization is designed to offer afterschool programs and activities for middle and high school students, creating a safe and enriching environment for the youth in our community. Gary's leadership as Chair of the Board has been instrumental in the success and growth of this initiative.

Congratulations, Gary!